Truth and Life

Sea of SunflowersAuthentic truth is always comprehensible to everyone, even to children. How do you know what you believe in is true? When you go through your daily activities do you react to everything or do you stop to think before you act? Does your Animal Mind control you or your Rational Mind? What is time? Time is an illusion. Time is the distance between cause and effect, between sanity and insanity. If each person were to transform the less than awesome aspects of their nature, the total sum effect could transfer the world. Our negative characteristics exist to show us where we could be more proactive in our own lives. Share with someone without expecting anything in return, and truly feel it, and see how it feels, the light it lets in. How often do we hate without knowing why we hate? How often do we live in the 1% surrounding us, without realizing the 99% of reality surrounding us. When we disconnect from that 99% of reality of light around and live in the 1% darkness we lose touch and depression creeps upon us. If you try to completely shut down your emotions you will eventually blow up. There is nothing new under the Sun. Hope these thoughts have given you some seeds for contemplation. Enjoy.

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