Incense in Buddhist TempleIncense has been around since man first learned of fire. Some people have an aversion towards all things incense. Usually this aversion stems from a bad experience in childhood, or maybe they were burnt at the stake in a previous lifetime; for the rest of who enjoy incense it can bring a wonderful aroma to our noses and bring back memories and experiences past, and relax the mind and body. I remember incense from days in churches around the holy times of the year where the priests would fumigate the church to purify it. The time I went to a local hindu temple and smelled the aroma of the incense in the air. Going to other sacred spaces and smelling the incense there. Incense always reminds me of healing and purification.

Here are a few of my favorite brands of incense are Shoyeido, Nippon Kodo, and the Friends of Nub Gon Monastery. Of course there are other brands that I enjoy but I am primarily fond of the Japanese and Tibetan/Nepali/Himalayan incenses. If you have another favorite, leave a comment below. I am always looking for new aromas to try!

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