Book Review: Emotional Freedom

A Group of BooksWhat’s on the bookshelf? Well, currently Emotional Freedom by Dr Judith Orloff, MD. This book is great for finding out what emotional type of person you are. It acquaints you with all the emotional types from empaths to emotional vampires — those people who when you’re around you feel like they are sucking the life-force from you. There seem to be a plethora of self help books about emotions, ranging from the Emotional Freedom Technique which is basically just Eastern Medicine pressure points, to the exotic. This book is a happy medium in between the two extremes, while offering excellent advice.

The author brings up the importance of sleep in balancing out our psyche and for emotional well being. With interesting antidotal stories of the importance of the right mattress, and bed linens, which I can personally attest to. We often overlook how important sleep is to our well being.

The other thing mentioned in the book is a breathing exercise that helps neutralize the negative emotions that often plague our psyche and our physical bodies. The simple breathing in of the positive energy and breathing out of the negative energies in the body helps to neutralize. The oxygen breathed in also helps to alkalinize the blood which aids the body in it’s healing process. The body if given the right help always wants to go towards a state of healing and balance.

After reading the book from cover to cover, I would recommend this book to anyone looking to gain control of their emotions and understand them and be finally emotionally free.